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Travel art

a paring knife with several homemade cardboard sheathes
When you fly with just a carry-on bag you have to leave your trusty pocket knife at home. Then you have to buy a new knife to eat your bread and cheese and apples and Nutella. After a few close calls everything starts to look like a potential knife sheath.

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There are a lot of old tires in Guatemala. On the roller coaster drive from Guatemala City to the small town of Ipala, we passed at least a hundred with the word “PINCHAZO” painted on them: the local sign for “Flats Fixed.” So I was looking out for a chance to mix my church-based service with my art-based service, and extend a tire swing of brotherly love to my hosts. By the end of the week I had found my opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »

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rat soap

Rat glycerin soap. Free with our $20 purchase at Pearl River.

Made for rats, I believe, not from them.

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General Howe's bird

I spent Thursday through Sunday in NYC at an International Baccalaureate training workshop, so first off, I want to thank the higher power and the water cycle for the snow day today. I needed to rest and drink cocoa and finally see The Dark Knight.

Speaking of superheroes, I met the brave General Howe up there in the city. His band of tiny plastic men face the terrors of Brooklyn—coconuts, condoms, and exorbitant rents—as they retrace their doomed campaign of centuries ago. It’s simultaneously educational, illegal, and hilarious.

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