Artist to (trash) talk for Earth Day cleanup

All museums have missions.
This Museum exists to be discovered.
It’s a catalyst for surprise and wonder and community.

The wonder depends on the surprise, and the surprise depends on it remaining a secret. That’s the first paradox. I’ve been wondering how to share a work that is by nature secret, sketchy, and illegal.

The second paradox is that if you make art out of other people’s trash, well meaning citizens might throw it away. So I had considered the Earthday Cleanup scheduled for Saturday, April 19, to be a deadline: Share this work before an army of girl scouts and art critics carries it out of the woods in bright plastic bags. Where could I find a large number of people ready to take an interest in this tiny manufactured wilderness? You see where this is going…

I realized that the community I was seeking and the community I dreaded are one and the same. The people who use this stream are the ones who care enough to clean it. So I will be staffing the Museum of Natural Selection this Saturday. I’ll ask anyone who happens by to consider its natural place in the scheme of things, and to add their most interesting finds to the collection. And if no one else shows up, I’ll pick things up and make art out of them.

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